Bridge the World is the first Japanese studio album by South Korean boy group NU'EST. It was released on November 18, 2015, by Ariola Japan. The album peaked at number 5 on the Gaon Album Chart in 2014. The album has sold over 22,754 physical copies in Japan and 1,218 in Korea as of 2015.


On August 14 2015, NU'EST announced that they would release their first full-length Japanese album in November. Tracklists of the album were released in the same month.

On September 13, 2015, NU’EST has pre-released their title track for their first original Japanese album ‘Bridge The World’ in conjunction with their performance at Yokohama’s ‘Show Champion Special KMF 2015′. 3 days later, NU’EST pre-released yet another song on their 1st Japanese album. Titled ‘Cherry’, this song will be the main theme song for the movie Two Strangers, starring Ren, Minhyun and JR.

NU’EST JP once again released another song, Access To You, on October 7, 2015. Teaser photos and album covers were also released in October. Another song from the album, Eternity After The Rain, was also released in October.


The album was released in three different versions:

  • Limited Edition A (CD & DVD), which includes Shalala Ring MV as well as Good Bye Bye MV
  • Limited Edition B (CD & DVD), which includes Shalala Ring Dance version MV and Japan promotions behind the scenes
  • Standard Edition (CD only)

Commercial Performance

With less then a full week of sales, NU’EST Bridge the World not only bagged 4th place on Oricon Daily Album Chart previously, Tower Records all-store weekly 1st place, they were also officially on Oricon Weekly Album Charts at 7th place, selling 18,798 physical copies (this is only inclusive of albums sold within the Japanese region) in Novermber 2015.

Track Listing

Standard Edition
Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Access to You" Chie Ito SiZK, MUSOH 4:38
2. "Let's Go Crazy!" U-CHA U-CHA 2:56
3. "Cherry" Chie Ito SiZK, MUSOH 3:49
4. "Bridge the World" Katsuhiko Yamamoto Katsuhiko Yamamoto, URU 5:13
5. "NA.NA.NA.Namida" NICE73 Bruce, Mason 4:00
6. "Ame Nochi Eien" NICE73 Kenji Kabashima, WolfJunk 4:13
7. "Flying Angel" NICE73 URU, Maxx Song, Casper 4:05
8. "Koisuru Wonderland" NICE73 Seiji Motoyama, Andrew Choi, 220 3:30
9. "Shalala Ring" NICE73 Bruce 3:33
10. "Hey, Love - Japanese ver." Ji Seok Yong, NICE73 Ji Seok Yong 3:50

Limited Edition A
Title Lyrics Music Length
11. "Cherry - English ver." Seiji Motoyama, Chie Ito SiZK, MUSOH 3:49
12. "Bridge the World - English ver." Seiji Motoyama, Katsuhiko Yamamoto Katsuhiko Yamamoto, URU 5:13
13. "I'm Bad" Lishbeats, Esbee Lishbeats, Esbee 3:27
14. "A Scene Without You" 2S 2S 3:45
15. "Aftermath (Fromm ft. Minhyun)" Fromm Andi Roselund , Fromm 4:23

Limited Edition B
Title Lyrics Music Length
11. "Koisuru Hi" Yamamoto Katsu Yamamoto Katsu


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