Happily Ever After is the sixth mini album by NU'EST, and is their first album with all five members since August 2016. It was released on April 29, 2019 with "Bet Bet" serving as the album's title track.


The album 'Happily Ever After' is the continuation, and the last of the "Three-Part Knight Series" narrative that started with the album Q Is. (2015) in 2015. The story followed a knight who loves and wants to protect his queen.

The album followed the concept of a fairytale, with some teasers images released in forms of an illustration, representing a chapter from the storybook.

Each of the track in the album also represented a chapter or a progression in the story, starting from Segno as "Once Upon A Time" and ending with Fine as "Happily Ever After".

Track Listing

Standard Edition
Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Segno" Baekho, JR, Bumzu Bumzu, Baekho, 박기태 3:28
2. "Bet Bet" Baekho, JR, Bumzu Bumzu, Baekho, Royal Dive 3:20
3. "Bass" Baekho, JR, Bumzu Bumzu, Baekho, Anchor 3:10
4. "Talk About Love" Baekho, JR, Bumzu Bumzu, Baekho, 3:10
5. "Different" Baekho, JR, Bumzu Baekho, Bumzu, 박기태 3:08
6. "Fine" Baekho, JR, Bumzu Baekho, Bumzu 3:31

Title Lyrics Music Length
7. "Universe (Minhyun Solo)" Minhyun, Bumzu, PRISM FILTER Bumzu, PRISM FILTER 3:21


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  • This is their first album since 2016, after Minhyun came back from WANNAONE.
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