NU'EST M is the subgroup of the South Korean boy band, NU'EST formed in 2014. The group consists of NU'EST members, Aron, Baekho, JR, Minhyun, Ren plus one Chinese member from Yuehua Entertainment, Jason.


Name Origin[]

It's said the 'M' added to the existing name signifies several meanings, such as 'mystic', 'marvelous', and 'multiply'. The 'M' in NU'EST M can also mean Mandarin. After the departure of Jason. Another name of the group is NU'EST China.


In October 2013, Pledis Entertainment joined forces with Chinese entertainment company, YUEHUA Entertainment to branch out into the Chinese music market. On November 8th, 2013, Pledis stated that they will launch a special unit formed to target the Chinese market, NU'EST-M. The two companies held their press event on the 11th to discuss details and officially kick off their partnership. NU'EST-M also performed their first stage at the press event.

This group is specially targeted to the Chinese market, and thus will only carry out promotions in China. The 6-member team will be releasing the Chinese version of NU'EST's Korean release "Sleep Talking" as their first single and kick off promotions.


In 2014, Pledis Entertainment's contract with Yuehua Entertainment dissolved so Jason left the group and they changed their promotional name to NU’EST China.


  • Singles:
    • Face (Chinese version)
    • Sleep Talking (Chinese version)


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