The Table is the seventh mini-album released by NU'EST. It was released on October 21, 2019.


On September 30, 2019, Pledis Entertainment confirmed NU'EST's comeback was set for October 21, 2019, and uploaded a teaser ending with the text, "The book has been closed. And shall we meet at...?", officially concluding their "Three-part Knight Series" spanning from Q is to Happily Ever After. After releasing several trailers for each member, a final trailer was uploaded on October 12, 2019.


In contrast to NU'EST's previous albums, The Table featured a "lovely and bright" concept, opting for a more easygoing and familiar concept for listeners. The Table revolves around the theme of love, with each song representing stories that friends and families would share about romances while sitting at a dinner table. The album took more retakes to record than ever due to the members of NU'EST finding difficulties in adjusting concepts. The album is sold in three different versions with alternate photo books and covers: the Forenoon Ver., On The Table Ver., and Pieces of Pie Ver.

Track Listing

Standard Edition
Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Call Me Back" Baekho, JR, BUMZU BUMZU, Baekho, Park Gi-tae, Aaron Fresh, Jo Michael (Singing Beetle) 3:09
2. "Love Me" Baekho, JR, BUMZU BUMZU, Baekho, Park Gi-tae 3:03
3. "One Two Three" Baekho, Minhyun, JR, BUMZU BUMZU, Baekho, Anchor 3:23
4. "Trust Me" Baekho, JR, BUMZU BUMZU, Baekho 3:21
5. "Stay Up All Night" Baekho, JR, BUMZU BUMZU, Baekho, Park Gi-tae 3:35
6. "If We" Baekho, BUMZU BUMZU, Baekho 3:07



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